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Each of us has our own talents, perspectives, and ideas.  We want you to express yours at Park Rag.  In many ways Park City is entering a transition phase. With the grand entrance of Vail, Park City will grow up. Will we be Donald Trump or will we be Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka? It’s our  community’s choice.  Park Rag just wants to contribute to that discussion.

That said, we don’t do hit pieces. We aren’t here to support your vendetta against a person or business, but we are open to just about any well thought out idea whether it is provocative or not. We don’t want to be TMZ.  Actually, with some of their recent reporting maybe we do? News is so confusing.

So come join us. Write. Express your ideas. Make Park City better.  Please.

If you want to write frequently, email us at . Or if you just want to submit a story every once in a while, just enter it below and submit it.  As long as it’s not libelous and is easily understandable, we’ll likely print it.

Thanks for your service.



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