When you think about it, putting a transit center behind the Library building doesn’t make a lot of sense


Last week, the Summit County Council voted to build a transit center behind the Sheldon Richins Library building. Initially we were a little ambivalent about the project. We weren’t sure if it was the right place. Yet, after reading the Park Record article on it and associated comments on the article, we are pretty sure the County Council made a mistake on this one. If you haven’t...

Please Just Tell It Like It Is… The Citizens of Park City and Summit County are Paying For Our Leaders’ Trips to Switzerland


In Wednesday’s Park Record, an article discusses Summit County and Park City officials going to Switzerland to learn about trains and gondolas. While we are sure we’ll have more to say about that, what really irks right now is a statement attributed to Park City Councilman Andy Beerman. The Park Record says, “The cost [of the trip] was not known at the meeting. Beerman said it...

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