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On 2-for-1’s Dinners Don’t Pay the Extra Sales Tax


Park City Restaurants are winding down their 2-for-1 offers but we recently learned a way to save a little cash. It seems that most Park City restaurants include the tip, for what would have been the total price, on the bill of most 2-for-1’s. It’s much like when you have a party of 6 or more and the tip is already on the bill when you get it. The restaurant is afraid you’ll...

How is Planned Parenthood Still Part of Live PC Give PC?


Live PC Give PC is coming up tomorrow. With that in mind we have one lots of questions, but the first is about Planned Parenthood and why they are still part of Live PC Give PC. Don’t get us wrong, we think the world of Planned Parenthood, but since it moved to Heber, shouldn’t it be part of Live Heber Give Heber? We looked up the Live PC Give PC rules and it appears that an...

Charlie Sturgis for Mayor


We heard Mountain Trails’, Charlie Sturgis, on the radio this morning. He was talking about the change in season and it got us to thinking about how much we appreciate his efforts. Every time we hear him, whether he is talking about dogs on trails, current conditions, or the need for open space he seems so balanced. So, while we aren’t even through this year’s election…...

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