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Top 10 Suggestions for Homestead Road


Homestead Road construction between Pinebrook and Jeremy Ranch is a disaster. While we usually don’t like to tell people what to do, it seems the contractors doing this work may have never done road construction before. So, we thought we’d offer some advice: Don’t begin construction at 8:00 AM, when everyone is going to school. Don’t block off the main road out of Jeremy...

I’ve launched the Bull Moose Newsletter to help keep people up to date on what has happened and what is coming up in Summit County


As many of you know, I am running a write-in campaign for Summit County Council. I want to show the type of information that the County Council should be providing. Therefore I have created the inaugural Bull Moose Newsletter. It’s not as good and detailed as I will eventually make it… but you have to start somewhere. Each week I’ll be providing an overview of what has happened...

Kilby-Gate isn’t going away and it highlights communication issues


We don’t have too many dramas in Summit County and the Snyderville Basin. However, changes to Kilby Road, which runs in front of Pinebrook to the Whole Foods is shaping up to be a doozy. Therefore we’ve decided to call this issue Kilby-Gate. For those who haven’t been following the story, Summit County wanted to put in a Park and Ride across from Ecker Hill Middle School. Residents were worried...

I’m running for Summit County Council. Let’s work together to make a better Summit County!


I’m excited to formally announce that I am running an unaffiliated write-in bid for Summit County Council Seat E. The tipping point for running was that there are seven positions up for election in Summit County and all races are unopposed. That’s not how it should be. Elections are a time when we should be debating ideas. We should be talking about how things are going and what we...

Park City assistant city attorney arrested on felony charges


Fox 13 in Salt Lake is reporting that Park City Assistant City Attorney Polly Samuels McLean was arrested on September 6. She allegedly damaged more than $1,500 in hunting equipment and caused more than $500 in additional damages according to the report. She is facing felony theft charges, as well a misdemeanor criminal mischief charges. The story says that after multiple cases of hunting...

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