Additional detail on Park City Teacher salaries from an expert


We received an email from current Park City Biology teacher and former Park City Education Association Co-President, Ed Mulick. He wanted to provide additional clarity on teacher salaries. His email did a great job educating us on Park City teacher and salary benefits. If you are interested in the topic, we would recommend reading Mr Mulick’s email below:

Accuracy of posted Park City teacher salaries


Before Christmas we posted an article on Park City teacher salaries. We decided not to post teacher names but still received substantial pushback on the data’s accuracy. Most commenters said that they always found the numbers inflated. Some said that what we published did not match what they received. So, we decided to reach out to the State of Utah for an explanation. Their response was:...

Park City School Closures


We’ve received a few emails and comments on the school district closing school today. As is typical, we don’t really get the comments praising the school district for bowing to the snow gods (we’re sure many parents are happy to go skiing with their kids). However, we did get a few emails from parents who were upset with the decision. One parent emailed at about 6:45AM and said...

How much do Park City teachers and administrators make?


In an earlier story. We had made a comment that $82,000 could pay for two Park City teachers. A reader commented that it was more like one teacher, due to benefits. We weren’t really sure what Park City School District personnel made, so we checked out Utah’s Right to Know website, which shows government employee salaries. The table below lists gross compensation (salary plus...

Are Park City Schools Actively Suppressing Discussion on the Presidential Election?


Over a week ago, we heard from a Park City teacher that teachers were directed not to discuss the Presidential election with students. According to the teacher, they were told not to talk about it because it was too controversial of a topic. Instead, if they wanted to talk about elections, the administration allegedly told them they were instructed to talk about state and local elections...

A New Way of Paying for Education


A Friend of the Park Rag sent us a story about Salt Lake County, Goldman Sachs, and the State of Utah working to provide Pre-K to more students in the Granite School District. Pre-k was free to disadvantaged kids but had a long waiting list and cost the Granite School District $1,500 per student for the half day program. So, they weren’t able to expand it. Enter a relatively new concept:...

Park City High School Didn’t Really Slip


I received an email from Ed Mulick, Co President of the Park City Educational Association, regarding Park City School District’s US News and World Reports rankings. As you may recall, PC High School wasn’t ranked this year in the top 6000 high schools in the US. This was a shock to many people across the community. Mr Mulick provides some background on that below and asks us all to...

A Different Perspective on PC CAPS


A community member wrote in with a different perspective on PC CAPS and one I didn’t consider in my previous article. She wrote, “Please watch Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk. ALL of education is broken. CAPS maybe a way to re-think how we engage students in wanting to learn…” While I still question the value of PC CAPS for reasons previously stated, the counter argument...

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