Jeremy and Pinebrook roundabouts will be bad for bikes and kids


Summit County’s LetsGoSummit flyers and website are gorgeous. Soothing green and blue fonts explain how the new Jeremy Ranch and Pinebrook roundabouts will “improve mobility and safety and protect the environment while enhancing the economic vitality of Summit County.” There’s even a cute graphic at the top with a bus, a traffic signal, and a bicycle. So it’s...

The newest issue with Kilby Road


Just when you thought it was safe to back in the water… new Kilby Road issues have surfaced. Since its inception, Kilby Road has been a problem. Kilby Road is the road that runs from Fresh Market, at the base of Pinebrook, to Walmart. The curves that were created to slow traffic cause traffic to go into the bike lane. That’s dangerous, and make people car sick, but it’s not a...

It’s strange Park City would hire someone for a top level position with an uncertain past


KPCW is reporting that Park City’s new Transit System’s Manager, Barbara Murdock, was let go from her last position for allegedly using company funds inappropriately. Ms. Murdoch has, in turn, sued her former employer (Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority) stating gender discrimination and they didn’t communicate reasons for her termination. What we don’t...

WIFI on the Electric Bus is FAST


I was riding the E-Bus this morning and brought my laptop. I always wondered what the Internet speed was. Turns out it is faster than a lot of home based wifi. Not sure what we are paying for that, but from a user perspective it is great.


PSA: Use Google Maps for busing information instead of the Park City Transit MyStop Mobile App


I still wouldn’t call myself a busing convert, but I had another good experience today. Today I took the Electric Express Bus from the KJ Transit Center to Old Town. There I caught a bus directly to Deer Valley. It probably took 10 more minutes than if I would have driven on my own, but it probably was a wash because the bus dropped me off at Snow Park Lodge (versus walking from the Lot 4 or 5 at...

Am I an idiot for taking the bus?


So, my sister is in town and she has dinner reservations at Handle at 7 PM. I am planning on meeting her and taking the bus. I’m in Jeremy Ranch but I am going to drive to the KJ Transit Center. Buses leave every 10 minutes. So, I should be fine, right? I’ll check in along the ride. Update 6:10pm Arrived kJ. Planning on taking one of the electric express (ee) buses that run every 10 minutes. One...

A solution to our annual traffic problems?


So I’m out with my kids and dog on the Millennium Trail this morning. We were on the section between Gorgoza and Fresh Market (by Pinebrook). All of a sudden, down the trail comes a BMW X3 with California plates. Yes, down the trail. I quickly pull my kids and dog off the trail as they drive past. The woman in the passenger seat smiles and waves wholeheartedly. My five year old asks “Daddy, why...

Is Park City’s E-Bike system successful? The numbers don’t indicate that… but we hope it eventually will be.


We received a tip from a reader pointing us to a Park Record article about both the success and troubles with the Park City/Summit County E-Bike program (Thanks to the person who sent it in). We’re honestly conflicted about the E-Bike program. We want to see it succeed because we ultimately believe e-bikes blend transportation with the best parts of Park City. Yet, we can’t let go of...

First Look: Summit E-Bike


You may have heard that Park City and Summit County are launching an e-bike program on July 14. There will be various stations setup across the Basin, where you can rent a Summit E-Bike for a short period. The thought is that tourists will use the e-bike and rely less on a car. The hope is that the resident will use the e-bike to drive to work or use it to get from the bus stop to work. Residents...

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