I’ve launched the Bull Moose Newsletter to help keep people up to date on what has happened and what is coming up in Summit County


As many of you know, I am running a write-in campaign for Summit County Council. I want to show the type of information that the County Council should be providing. Therefore I have created the inaugural Bull Moose Newsletter. It’s not as good and detailed as I will eventually make it… but you have to start somewhere. Each week I’ll be providing an overview of what has happened...

There is hope. You Can Still Make A Difference in Summit County


If you pay attention to events in Washington D.C., you’ll know that our congress people have an approval rating of about 10%. People look at what is going on around them and feel they have no input; no way to change the course of events. They then extrapolate that despondence onto the events they see closer to home. Recently we have heard things like “the school board is going to raise our taxes...

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