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Does Utah Need to Become “Weird” Again to Save Itself?


We were reading in the New York Times about Utah bringing back firing squads and it got us to thinking…. Everyone attributes the 2002 Olympics to the start of Utah’s growth. The experts say that the Olympics showed the world what Salt Lake City and Park City had to offer. Once they witnessed it, they had to come here and see the beauty for themselves… then they never left...

Jeremy Ranch Mountain Lion


If you live around Jeremy Ranch, we are getting reports from residents that a mountain lion seems to be hanging around the hill across the LDS church. So, if you have dogs or small children you may want to take that into account.

Question of the Day: Will Ebola Impact Park City Tourism?


We received a message from a citizen today asking whether we thought Ebola would impact Park City tourism. We don’t think Ebola will but we wouldn’t be surprised if EBOLA FEAR does. The CDC has requested an interview with 132 passengers who flew on a flight with a nurse (that hasn’t tested positive) but who treated the Dallas Ebola patient who died. This, combined with all the...

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