How do you rank your local ski resorts?


It’s that time of the year again. Ski Magazine’s annual survey of ski resorts is out. It’s an important survey to our local resorts. It provides both prestige and often leads to additional visitors going to a resort. After all, many people want to ski “the best.” Deer Valley has been ranked the best and is consistently near the top. Recently Park City dropped to thirteen. Personally I ranked Deer...

A reminder why to put the safety bar down on the lift


Yesterday in Colorado, a mother and her two daughters fell from a ski lift at a small resort in Colorado. The 20 foot fall into snow killed the mother and seriously injured her 9 and 12 year old daughters. While the official cause of the fall has not been released, witnesses of the accident said the lift had not been working properly for a few days. According to CBS 4 in Denver, “Each stop...

The Mayor is surprised that Park City ski rankings dropped?


Today’s Park Record is reporting that Park City mayor Jack Thomas said it was a surprise “to see the ranking drop so much. I saw dramatic improvements to the infrastructure of Park City mountain and The Canyons,” Thomas said, adding, “How did we drop that fast when the resort put so much into the mountain?” Thomas said the skiing was good last season and PCMR was managed well. Ummm? Is our...

The Greatest Skiing Video in Existence?


We’re definitely on the back half of the ski season. Yet, if the video below doesn’t get your juices flowing, I don’t know what will.
Candide Thovex skiing in Val Blanc, France, not only films a great adventure but also jumps a helicopter, steals a horse, skis through a truck, and breaks down a barn window… among other things
Truly amazing.


European Ski Resorts Turn to Petting Zoos to Appease Families


I know many of us thought last year’s skiing was bad, but it never looked like this: That’s an image from Leysin, a resort in the Swiss Alps, that is part of an accompanying Bloomberg article on how bad skiing is in Europe right now. It’s gotten so bad that french resort, Chamonix, has opened a petting zoo for children to keep them entertained. It’s an interesting article...

Park City Resort… The Proof Will Be in The Pudding


The proverb “The Proof is in the pudding”dates back to the 14th century but was popularized in the 1700’s, in Don Quixote, the story of a man who tilts at windmills and doesn’t see the world as it is. As I read a recent Park Record Article, Park City Deals with Operations Problems, I couldn’t help but think of the aforementioned story. As many of us know, the past...

Enjoy this Winter Because the Next Couple May Not Be So Good


It looks like we have a great chance of having a big snow fall this year, if you believe in the effects of the El Nino. The phrase El Nino means, “an irregularly occurring and complex series of climatic changes affecting the equatorial Pacific region and beyond every few years, characterized by the appearance of unusually warm, nutrient-poor water off northern Peru and Ecuador, typically in...

What Local Ski Resort is Charging For Parking?


When Vail came to town, concerned citizens worried that charges for parking would soon follow. So far that fear hasn’t come to fruition. But there is another ski resort that seems to be inching its way in that direction . If they pull it off, it’s likely other resorts will follow. Who do we have to thank for this? Snowbird. I was planning my annual pilgrimage to Snowbird’s...

Annual Heads Up on Buying Vail’s Epic Pass


Last year I noticed that Vail tacks on $20 to an Epic Local Pass in a sort of underhanded way. This year they’ll quote the price at $579 but in your cart it will be $599. This is because they add $20 pass insurance to it. Now, pass insurance could be good. It covers things like cancelling before the season, pregnancy, job transfer, etc. However, if that doesn’t apply to you, you may...

Deer Valley Season Ticket Costs 5% more this Year


I just received an email, probably like most of you, telling me that I could buy a Deer Valley lift ticket for $2085. This is up $100 (or 5%) from last year.
For reference, Vail’s Epic Pass costs $579 this year. It is up $30 from last year (5.5%).
Interesting… didn’t skier days drop last year?

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