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Treasure deal must be SIMPLE


I was reading another Park Record article on the Treasure purchase. Each time I get more confused. What exactly is it that Parkites (I mean the 84060 variety) will be voting on and paying for? Are you buying all the Treasure land ? Most of it? Some of it? Will you get all the rights to development (and thus extinguish them)? Are you paying $64 million to enable a transfer of density, where a...

Warren Miller Dies


RIP… Warren Miller. I remember first watching one of your movies in a HoliDome in Frisco, Colorado when I was about 12. You changed the world.
It will be a less interesting place without you.

One number you need to keep in your phone if you’re skiing PCMR/Canyons


Please take a minute and put this number in your phone: 435-615-1912 This is the number for Dispatch for Park City Mountain Resort. Should you, your family, or a random stranger need assistance it is the number to call while on-mountain. My wife was at Canyons earlier this week and came upon a teenager who had fallen down the side of a cliff and couldn’t move. The mother was there but could only...

No trust… No vote… No money


Thank you to the people who made their voices heard on the proposed changes to the Summit Water Distribution Company (SWDC). It appears that over 70% of people voted against changes that gave very broad power over water consumption  to SWDC and would reduce the number of board members making decisions. In my mind, this is another data point that highlights the changing ways in which...

WIFI on the Electric Bus is FAST


I was riding the E-Bus this morning and brought my laptop. I always wondered what the Internet speed was. Turns out it is faster than a lot of home based wifi. Not sure what we are paying for that, but from a user perspective it is great.


Invocation for the Sundance Film Festival Visitor


Thank you oh thank you Sundance Film Festival Visitor. Thank you for the millions of dollars you bring to our community each year. Thank you for screening films, so the rest of us can watch them on Netflix. Thank you for taking every hotel room, so we can ski fresh powder. Thank you for paying a $100 for a burrito, so our restaurants can survive. May you find a town that has metamorphosed into...

Summit County has failed us


Summit County government has failed the populace with its decisions on Woodward at Gorgoza. As you may have heard, The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission approved a new development at the Gorgoza Sledding Park. According to the Park Record it will “include a more than 52,000-square-foot action-sports center, equipped with indoor trampolines, ramps, foam pits, pump tracks, concrete skate...

We don’t need the USA Today to tell us we have good schools


Today someone sent in an anonymous tip linking to the Park Record story on USA Today ranking Park City High School as the best high school in the state. First, whoever you were, thanks. We love community feedback and appreciate ideas from the public. We usually won’t post something the Park Record has posted because if you’re here at the Park Rag, you’ve probably run out of things to read...

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