Are we an urban community?


How would you describe Park City and the Snyderville Basin? Would you call it a mountain resort community? Would you call it a suburb? Would you call it an urban center? Perhaps more importantly, what do you want it to be? We’ve recently been reviewing documents related to the county’s upcoming purchase of the Cline Dahle parcel. That’s the land between Jeremy Ranch Elementary...

Do We Need a Better Way of Notifying Citizens of Potential Development Changes?


Recently on social media, people began asking what the new development by Ruby Tuesdays was. Many people seemed shocked that a Whole Foods was being put there and the lament began over all the issues that were discussed months ago when the development was being approved. During the approval process, the topic was covered extensively on KPCW and in the Park Record. The county publicized the...

Summit County’s New Buildout Map is Worth Checking Out


Summit County has launched a new build out map that shows what areas in the Snyderville Basin have been built out, what areas are entitled for build out, and what areas are open space/wet lands. It is very helpful in understanding where growth is already destined to go. You can see the map by clicking here. When you first arrive at the map, you’ll be shown only built residential property...

Guest Editorial: Should we be thinking differently about how we plan for the future?


The Park Rag believes in Park City. We believe people throughout our community have great ideas that may not have been heard. With that in mind, here’s a guest editorial by Doug Engfer we hope you will consider… Well, it seems as if there is a whole lot of planning going on, what with Park City Schools re-considering its budget parameters, the City and County looking at...

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