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PSA: Our waste collection bills are due


Last year Summit County decided to shift part of the cost of collecting garbage onto a separate bill from Republic Services. You may have received a bill earlier this year for $36. That was technically for 2016. Now, you are receiving a bill for 2017. Our advice is paying that sooner rather than later. We know a number of people who feel this was a closet-tax increase. However, that debate has...

Will we need Dozier Field in 10 years? What does that mean for School Expansion?


Over the past few years, Park City has hotly debated what form school expansion should take in our community. The 2015 school bond was somewhat derailed by questions about athletic facilities. Where should the football field go? Should we have a field house? If we move Dozier field, then we can expand the high school west but if not, then we are limited in the directions we can expand. Those are...

A disappointing start for the Summit County E-Bike Share


The difference between yesterday and today was great. Yesterday was full of hope. Today was full of reality. So, it was for the Summit County Bike share. Yesterday we had the opportunity to ride with members of the community to celebrate the launch of Park City and Summit county’s joint electric bike program. We rode to the white barn. There the mayor gave an impassioned speech about...

Are AirBNB, VRBO and other short-term rentals killing Park City?


There is a great article in Outside Magazine about how AirBNB and other VRBO services are killing the “last great American ski town.” No, they aren’t talking about Park City. They are talking about Crested Butte. However, the article might as well be talking about Park City. What are the problems? Traffic. No affordable housing. Fewer year-round residents. Increased home costs...

Thank you Park City Fire District


Just after 4PM this afternoon lightning struck the hill above Jeremy Ranch Elementary school. I received a call from my neighbor telling me that a large fire had started. He said it was about the size of 4 pickup trucks. As I raced home, which is about a quarter-mile from the fire, I thought of all the things I could lose: my dog, my house, my memories. By the time I arrived home a few minutes...

Did you enjoy Park City’s 4th of July Parade and and activities yesterday?


Marie Kondo specializes¬†in helping people remove clutter from their lives. One of the questions she asks when helping people decide what to keep around is, “Does it spark joy in your life?” If not, you get rid of it. We’ll assume like many Parkites, you attended Park City’s 4th of July parade on Tuesday. Did it spark joy in your life? That may be a little bit extreme. The...

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