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Summit County has failed us


Summit County government has failed the populace with its decisions on Woodward at Gorgoza. As you may have heard, The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission approved a new development at the Gorgoza Sledding Park. According to the Park Record it will “include a more than 52,000-square-foot action-sports center, equipped with indoor trampolines, ramps, foam pits, pump tracks, concrete skate...

How would you have voted on the I-80 wall near Jeremy Ranch?


“With great power comes great responsibility.” – Spider Man’s Uncle Ben Voltaire It’s been interesting watching the Battle for The Wall near Jeremy Ranch. If you are not familiar, because UDOT is adding a truck lane to I-80, it opened up the possibility of adding a noise abatement wall along I-80 near Jeremy Ranch. The wall would run from the Jeremy Ranch Golf Course to the...

Do you trust Summit County and Park City with your information?


A friend of mine recently received a survey about the Summit Bike Share program. The survey ask questions like whether you ride a bike more after using the bike share, what changes you would make, and how you would rate features. I was about to write a scathing email about the use of Survey Monkey. It’s my belief that FEW serious organizations use Survey Monkey to make any decisions. That’s...

A Park City woman’s place is in the home …


So I was watching Leave it to Beaver on TV Land and Ward was really upset that June didn’t have dinner on the table when he arrived home from work. How dare she not have dinner ready when he got home from work! Didn’t she know how hard he worked all day? Then I read a Park Record Editorial from the Wasatch GOP Vice-Chair, James Green,  that reminds me that we are apparently still...

Summit County moves forward with purchase of Cline Dahle Parcel


The Summit County Council has made the decision to purchase the Cline Dahle parcel, located between Burt Brothers and Jeremy Ranch elementary. The county has said they are considering putting transportation and/or affordable housing at the location. It may very well become the Park City area’s first Transit Oriented Development. That said, no official uses for the property have been...

Did the restaurant you are going to tonight in Park City have any health inspection issues?


A few years ago, we used to make a trip to the Summit County Health Department to review paper restaurant inspections. About a year ago, the health department began putting inspections online. We view it as a great service provided by the county. Having watched our share of Kitchen Nightmares, we know that running a kitchen is hard but that it can also be deadly. So, we appreciate the work Summit...

We Parkites should stop freaking out about Trump and concentrate on our real issues


Can Park City stop freaking out about the election of Donald Trump yet? We hope so. From schools saying they are going to enforce bullying (we thought they already did that), to worries about whether snow will continue to fall during a Trump presidency, to the Sheriff’s Department saying they “won’t participate in any sort of roundup” of undocumented immigrants…...

Expanded Run-A-Muck parking is a welcome addition


On any given weekend morning, Run-A-Muck, Park City’s first off-leash dog trail will see hundreds of visitors. It’s one of the shining successes of Summit County in recent memory. Within the last few weeks, that experience has become even better. While the trails were always great, the parking left something to be desired. The main lot had room for about 10 cars and was always packed...

Free bus from Park City to the Summit County Fair


Last year was the first year I went to the Summit county fair, and it was a wonderful experience. If I had one issue, it was knowing exactly where to park and where the fairgrounds were. It wasn’t a huge obstacle but I could imagine others having the same issue and deciding they may not go. If you’re in the same boat, or perhaps you just don’t want to drive to Coalville, Summit...

This Summit County Fair Ad is Fabulous!


We love the Summit County Fair. From the Demolition Derby to just walking around and talking with your neighbors at the fairgrounds in Coalville, it’s a great experience. If you haven’t gone, we’d recommend trying it this year.
If you need more convincing, just look at the ad below. We love it.


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