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Comments now enabled on Teacher post


Sorry everyone… comments weren’t enabled on our most recent teacher post. We are having an issue that is causing all posts to disable comments. We are trying to figure out what is happening.
Anyhow, we have manually enabled comments on that post.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

We’ve installed a racism filter


One of the things we’ve tried to do at the Park Rag is provide a place where community members can voice their opinion. We do that through posting stories written by others and enabling comments on stories. Unfortunately some recent comments have become racist in nature. We’re frankly tired of reading them and we believe other readers are too. So, we’ve implemented a comment...

Please be careful with comments …


At the Park Rag we get a number of comments on stories we write. We appreciate that people care enough to take the time to read and comment. We’ve also made the decision to allow anonymous commenting. We believe this serves a valuable purpose in the community because some people are afraid to speak up when their name is associated with comments — because of ramifications (work...

Everytime I see this sign I think of Teri Orr


About a year and a half ago, the Park City School District was holding one of three sessions to gather public input on the design of new schools. Six months later, it would end in a bond defeat for the school district. However the night of the second public meeting was special. Ahead of time the school district and its golden boy architect, VCBO, had created maps of the Snyderville Basin and...

Thanks to Dick Peek, Roger Armstrong, and Dave Ure


We have an abundance of things in Park City. Great mountains. Wonderful trails. World class skiing… One thing that is often missing, though, is DISSENT. Take, as a prime example, that nobody has voted NO on the school board for over a year. They aren’t alone in local government. I haven’t specifically calculated the other groups’ voting records but from my experience...

You are On Your Own With Your Security of Your Home and Valuables


As long-time readers of the Park Rag may remember, our home was broken into in November. The outcome was that thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen. We actually found a clipboard that the thieves left at our house and provided that to the Sherrif’s office. We even went to the extreme step (we’d call it dumb now) of tracking down our items on KSL Classifieds. We believe we...

An answer to our question about what programs Planned Parenthood does in Summit County


We received an answer to our question about what programs Planned Parenthood does in Summit County. It appears that they at least perform educational programs in our schools and a “Teen Council”. So, it seems there is no problem with them being part of Live PC Give PC according to their rules. However, funds given likely need to be used for the programs being offered in Summit County...

Park Rag Will Keep Comments Open


If you’ve been following us for a while, you will know how we reluctantly added commenting to Park Rag a few weeks ago and planned on giving it a couple of weeks to see how it went. We were worried that people would be rude or that no one would use it at all. The latter is far more close to the truth. However, as often happens, what you don’t account for is what happens. We’ve...

Was Yesterday’s Article on Craig Williams Fair?


I received a question on yesterday’s article What Craig Williams, Candidate for Summit County Council, Got Wrong Today. Essentially, the person asked whether we had written an assessment of any other candidate who had been on KPCW? They were implying that what we wrote about Craig Williams was unfair because we hadn’t written about other people. While we have written about local...

Comments can now be made on stories


The Park Rag is about to do the stupidest thing in its history, and we’ve done plenty of dumb things. We’ve had requests from a few people across the community to be able to comment on stories. We’ve resisted this for a long time because, well, comments rarely add value. At best no one comments and at worst it reminds us of middle school — and we hated middle school...

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