CategoryLiving the Park City Lifestyle

Price of Water Going Up


I opened a letter from Summit Water Distribution yesterday. It was the standard annual shareholder’s letter I get every year. Yet this year, hidden in envelope, was a trojan horse — a notice from the water company that prices were going up 20% per year. This could mean an increase of $11-$18 per month. I understand that water is getting more expensive generally (nationwide it rose 6%...

Reduce Your Chances of a Robbery


As some of you know, my house was robbed in November. Today I read about another house that was almost robbed but the thief was scared away. Unfortunately, it seems like I am hearing more and more of this around Park City. What I have learned is that robberies happen here and the perpetrator will likely not be caught. So, your best option is to not get robbed. Here are some of the things I do...

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