True, this was a Sundance where some of the shuttle bus drivers were so new to town that I ended up standing next to one directions-challenged driver and telling him where to turn and where to stop. Only in Park City.

-Kenneth Turan, LA Times Film Critic

Won’t This Impact The Uinta Express Pipeline?

We saw that oil prices were still cratering as of this morning. So, we decided to look up the price of Uinta Basin Black Waxy Crude. All we can say is “WOW!” We know oil prices are volatile and prices could change in the coming months, but the change in price in the last year has …

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This Christmas Miracle May Not Turn Out So Merry

It was 7 AM on Christmas Eve and our 2 1/2 year old yells at the front window, “There goes Cement Mixer Melvin!”. Cement Mixer Melvin is a cement mixer from one of his books. We dismissed his comment and admired his creativity. It was 12 degrees outside after all. Who would pour concrete when it was …

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Is Park City’s New China Bridge Parking Plan Enforceable?

We heard this morning on KPCW that the city was going to use license plate readers to enforce parking limits of 6 hours at the China Bridge Parking Lot. It was claimed that this will prevent people from changing parking spots to avoid a ticket. Today they put white chalk marks on tires. Tomorrow they’ll …

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