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Park City’s Main Street is Becoming Just an Outdoor Shopping Mall


The Park Record has a way of clarifying what’s really happening around us. This week, they did that again. Our local paper reported that LL Bean will open a store in the former Kimball Art Center Building. One could ask the question of whether Parkites would prefer the art center in that location, even if it was a 40 foot tall log cabin, or whether we’d prefer LL...

How bars in your sliding windows/doors make your house harder to be robbed


After our last post on crime, we received a couple of emails asking about why and how we used bars in our windows. The thieves who broke into our home, tried a crow bar on 5 back windows and doors before they got in. Here was their unsuccessful attempt on our back sliding door: The thief tries to exert enough force to break your latch. They eventually did on one of our sliding windows. So now we...

Jeremy Ranch is Feeling Like it’s Crime-Ridden


We tend to think of Park City as an idyllic community from the 1950’s. To many, it’s Pleasantville. Then your house gets robbed, or your car window is broken, or your car tires are slashed. Then, it’s not so picturesque anymore. It’s just another suburb. That’s just about where we are with Jeremy Ranch. For weeks (maybe months) social media has...

A response on Teacher Turnover by the Park City School District


On Friday, Park City School District Superintendent Ember Conley sent an email to employees in regard to teacher turnover. It seems citizen, Meg Leaf, hit a nerve with her editorial in the Park Record regarding purported turnover of teachers in the district. Ms. Leaf noted turnover rates of over 50% of teachers, assistants, and aides during the last 3 years. Dr Conley’s email stated: Dear...

Are you a Park City teacher who has left (or is planning to leave)? Why did you make that decision?


We recently posted an article on teacher turnover. Using data provided by a local citizen, we looked at turnover rates of teachers in Park City. Rates seem high. We speculated on why teachers are leaving, but we’d rather hear directly from teachers. If you are a teacher, assistant, or aide that has left Park City Schools (or is planning to leave) we’d love to learn why. Specifically...

Comments now enabled on Teacher post


Sorry everyone… comments weren’t enabled on our most recent teacher post. We are having an issue that is causing all posts to disable comments. We are trying to figure out what is happening.
Anyhow, we have manually enabled comments on that post.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Why do Park City teachers leave?


With ever-present issues surrounding the Park City School District during the last few years, one of the things we’ve fallen back upon is the notion that at least we have good teachers. The people our children are directly in contact with are typically teachers and that counts for a lot. Thank goodness we have good teachers. The old adage is that Park City teachers are paid better than Utah...

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