Want your very own e-bike to use around Park City?


There are few things I’ve purchased in the last few years I enjoy as much as my e-bike. I wouldn’t want to go without or take a step down to the ones rented by the City/County. In my opinion, it is the best way to beat the traffic and get around the Basin. If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge, my wife is selling her black Pedego Interceptor. It’s been a great...

Do you trust Summit County and Park City with your information?


A friend of mine recently received a survey about the Summit Bike Share program. The survey ask questions like whether you ride a bike more after using the bike share, what changes you would make, and how you would rate features. I was about to write a scathing email about the use of Survey Monkey. It’s my belief that FEW serious organizations use Survey Monkey to make any decisions. That’s...

A disappointing start for the Summit County E-Bike Share


The difference between yesterday and today was great. Yesterday was full of hope. Today was full of reality. So, it was for the Summit County Bike share. Yesterday we had the opportunity to ride with members of the community to celebrate the launch of Park City and Summit county’s joint electric bike program. We rode to the white barn. There the mayor gave an impassioned speech about...

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