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How bars in your sliding windows/doors make your house harder to be robbed


After our last post on crime, we received a couple of emails asking about why and how we used bars in our windows. The thieves who broke into our home, tried a crow bar on 5 back windows and doors before they got in. Here was their unsuccessful attempt on our back sliding door: The thief tries to exert enough force to break your latch. They eventually did on one of our sliding windows. So now we...

Jeremy Ranch is Feeling Like it’s Crime-Ridden


We tend to think of Park City as an idyllic community from the 1950’s. To many, it’s Pleasantville. Then your house gets robbed, or your car window is broken, or your car tires are slashed. Then, it’s not so picturesque anymore. It’s just another suburb. That’s just about where we are with Jeremy Ranch. For weeks (maybe months) social media has...

Is the Summit County Sheriff’s Office Committing Entrapment?


A 16 year old kid comes up to you outside a liquor store and asks you to buy her some booze. What do you do? YOU DON’T DO IT. With that out of the way, the Park Record is reporting that the Sheriff’s Office is setting up a sting where underage children will be to used to solicit adults to buy them alcohol. They call it the “Shoulder Tap Campaign.” According to the paper...

We should be proud of the Park City Police Department and The Summit County Sheriff’s office


You’ve probably heard the negative side related to the events leading up the May 3rd security issue at Park City High School. However, you may have missed the good things done by our Park City Police Department and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office. During the last two Friday’s, Park City Police Chief Wade Carpenter and Summit County Chief Deputy Frank Smith have attended the...

Gun Violence in Our Area


Slate had an interesting map that enables you to see where fatal and non-fatal shootings happen. It appears there have been no non-fatal or fatal shooting in the past year. Salt Lake City, of course is a different story. Click the map to view the story and then you can scroll down to perform your own search:


Park City Residents Should Video Tape Law Enforcement When Possible


The incident of an unarmed black man being shot by a North Charleston South Carolina police officer highlights the need for citizens to record police encounters when possible. In the case of North Charleston, the police officer who shot an unarmed man in the back 4 times has been charged with murder. The police officer gave a description of the encounter that differed from what had been captured...

How Effective is our Law Enforcement at Solving Crimes?


Today on KPCW (NPR) they reported a story called Why 1/3 of Murders Go Unresolved. Along with this story, they have a crime search tool that let’s you see how your local law enforcement is doing. We decided to search Park City and Summit County. Some of the interesting findings are that violent crime has increased 300% between 2011 and 2013 (the last year available). In Summit County, only...

Increased Thefts Lead to Call for Jeremy Ranch to Become a Gated Community


It appears some Jeremy Ranch residents have had enough. Over the past few months a number of home robberies have taken place in Jeremy Ranch. However, this week thieves took it to a new level with 10 car break-ins on Monday night (8 reported to the Sheriff and at least 2 non-reported as of now). Tuesday night saw at least one other car break-in. This has led to a call for gating Jeremy Ranch. One...

Thanks to a Member of the Park City Police Department


On Halloween afternoon, on Main Street, a Park City Police Officer exemplified what we wish all encounters with our local law enforcement were like. My 2 1/2 year old son was fixated on the police and sheriff’s vehicles’ flashing lights. He wanted to touch every vehicle. When we came upon this one officer’s vehicle and asked permission to touch it, he asked if my son wanted...

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