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Now We Know Exactly Where We Would Put the New Park City School Campus


A few days ago we wrote that we believe the Park City School District should move their Kearns Campus to east of Highway 40, between Home Depot and Quinn’s Junction. We believe eventually all Park City Schools could be housed in this area. The move would benefit a number of people including students, teachers, the county, Park City, school administrators, and the public in general. However...

What Happens to Park City Home Prices When Interest Rates Rise?


On Monday, two real estate agents were on KPCW talking about the current market around Park City. One comment caught our attention. It was said that while supply of homes were low, this hadn’t caused prices to increase in some areas of the Snyderville Basin. The example was given that the average home price was about $750K in Jeremy Ranch but there were only 10 homes for sale. They said...

Increased Thefts Lead to Call for Jeremy Ranch to Become a Gated Community


It appears some Jeremy Ranch residents have had enough. Over the past few months a number of home robberies have taken place in Jeremy Ranch. However, this week thieves took it to a new level with 10 car break-ins on Monday night (8 reported to the Sheriff and at least 2 non-reported as of now). Tuesday night saw at least one other car break-in. This has led to a call for gating Jeremy Ranch. One...

Where Should Park City Schools Move


Earlier we had written that the Park City School District isn’t considering all ideas regarding rebuilding Treasure Mountain Junior High. We feel that the process is too insular, is not helping solve problems, and isn’t including other parts of government. So, if we were king, what would we do? We would start by moving the entire Kearns campus. Crazy? Hear us out. The Snyderville...

You are On Your Own With Your Security of Your Home and Valuables


As long-time readers of the Park Rag may remember, our home was broken into in November. The outcome was that thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen. We actually found a clipboard that the thieves left at our house and provided that to the Sherrif’s office. We even went to the extreme step (we’d call it dumb now) of tracking down our items on KSL Classifieds. We believe we...

The Park City School District Should Consider Moving Kearns Campus


As we wrote about in a previous article, Mr Putt goes to School Board, we are surprised and disappointed in how insular our various government agencies are. We have traffic issues. We have environmental issues. We have growth issues. How do we start to fix these things? Park City Municipal can’t solve these issues on their own. While they are the heart of the Park City area, they only...

Is Park City Ready for the Next Recession?


Historically, recessions have struck the national economy every 6-7 years. Some are weak like in 1969, while others are powerful like the Great Recession of 2008. What is a given, is that they happen. With that as a backdrop, economic indicators, like orders for manufactured goods, are starting to flash the warning signs of recession. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, since we are 6 years...

Mr Putt Goes to School Board


One of the best movies of all-time is Mr Smith Goes to Washington. Jimmy Stewart plays an idealistic and naive man who gets appointed to the Senate. When he arrives in Washington D.C. he can’t believe how badly the system actually works. In the end, he launches a filibuster, in a final attempt to make sure land in his home state is used for a worthwhile cause. We couldn’t help but...

With Another Sundance Starting Today…


With another Sundance starting today, we thought this was appropriate on a number of levels.
And no, Sundance’s economic impact to Park City isn’t lost on us. It just reminds us that everything has its price.

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