The Park City forecast is warm and snowy


Before we know it, chestnuts will be roasting on an open fire. You, like everyone else in the valley, may have bought your Epic pass. Or you may have decided to spend the winter at the new Whole Foods, which we’ve heard is gorgeous. Regardless, you and the 35 million people descending on Park City for winter, will have to deal with what mother nature has in store. So, what does the NOAA...

Spring Skiing May Be Upon Us (for a few weeks)


It looks like Punxsutawney Phil may have called it right.

While I know that February and March are our biggest snow months and weather forecasts longer than 7 days are fraught with error, it looks like spring skiing for the foreseeable future. I’ll take it … given the cold winter.

Aftermath of an Avalanche Cannon


We’ve all heard the Avalanche Canons go off around Park City, in an attempt to reduce avalanche danger. However, I’ve never seen the “aftermath.”
I’m not sure if this video from Saxon Switzerland, where they want to ensure a road is protected from avalanches, is typical, but it is hypnotic.


What Will Our Winters Look Like in 2100


One of the things I find interesting is that people will often quote forecasted growth numbers in order to tell us how overcrowded Park City will be by 2060. At the same time they don’t seem to account for forecasted temperature changes. While no one knows for sure what will happen with either, if we are going to rely on one forecast by experts, then we should probably at least...

Snow Seems to Bring Out the Best in People


It’s days like today, with blowing snow, zero visibility, slushy streets, and the snow plows seemingly already settled down for their long-winter naps, that provide an opportunity for the best to come out in people. While many people argue Park City isn’t the same place it was 15 years ago, it’s nice to see and hear about the random acts of kindness that remind us that while...

Forecast for The Rest of the Winter Season


According to Weather Channel and NOAA forecasts, weather January to March is shaping up with average precipitation for us, with slightly higher than normal temperatures. So, should forecasts hold, we should at least get a decent snow year, albeit perhaps a slightly shorter season.
Unfortunately, it may not be the huge winter many were hoping for.
That said, this week looks stellar!


Feeling Hot Hot Hot


I’ve been doing some research on historical temperatures around Park City to better understand how Park City weather has changed over the past decades. Using NOAA data, the longest continuous set of data from a weather station seems to be from Parley’s Summit. Data goes back about 28 years. The hottest day on record was September 7, 2004. It was almost 101 degrees that day. Looks like...

NOAA Forecast Predicts Hot and Wet Summer


The NOAA makes long term forecasts for temperature and precipitation. While, by definition, forecasts aren’t perfect it does give some indication of what the weather service believes will happen. In Utah’s case it appears June, July, and August are predicted to be above the mean temperature and have above the mean amount of the precipitation. If their forecast holds true, then...

Turns Out This Winter IS a Glimpse at the Future


We’ve been reading Utah University Atmospheric Science Professor Jim Steenburgh’s blog quite a bit recently to understand current weather trends. According to the professor, this year’s December and January averaged 5.7ºF above normal. If we look at long term expectations, with moderate to high emission continuing… this is what our part of the Wasatch would expect in 2060...

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