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Damn Cold!


We can’t wait to hear this one today…. “See Cletus, I told you there wasn’t any global warming.”


Do You Like Park City’s New Bus Tracking App? Do You Know What it Cost?


Do you like Park City’s new bus tracking iPhone App? What, you hadn’t heard of it? That’s OK, you may want to check it out. It’s actually kind of cool… and of course, you paid for it. In 2011, the Park City City Council unanimously voted to contract with Avail Technologies to add GPS (global positioning system) technology to its buses. Along with the GPS came an...

This Christmas Miracle May Not Turn Out So Merry


It was 7 AM on Christmas Eve and our 2 1/2 year old yells at the front window, “There goes Cement Mixer Melvin!”. Cement Mixer Melvin is a cement mixer from one of his books. We dismissed his comment and admired his creativity. It was 12 degrees outside after all. Who would pour concrete when it was that cold? We thought, “now that would be a miracle.” Less than 5 minutes...

Part 2: So you don’t like the updated general plan? What are you going to do about it?


In Part 1 of a series of posts about how to voice your opinion over the updated General Plan, we talked about needing to formulate a plan of your own. We mentioned that the Planning Commissioners and County Council members have a lot of experience, and you will have to have good arguments to sway them to your position. So, how do you sway them? If you attend these type of meetings you will...

So you don’t like the updated general plan? What are you going to do about it?


Last week, over 150 concerned citizens attended a open house on changes to the Snyderville Basin General Plan. The General Plan is important because it guides development in our area for the next 25 years. There are some changes that will appear large to some neighborhoods. The next step in the process is a public hearing with the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission on January 13th (at 6PM in...

Is This Weekend’s Snow a View of the Future?


A friend mentioned to us this morning that we needed to listen to a radioWest interview with Jim Steenburgh, professor of atmospheric science at the University of Utah. She found his comments on how increasing temperatures will impact Utah snowfall interesting. He basically said that Alta and Snowbird would have a ski industry for a long time, due to their elevation. He felt the Park City resorts...

You Rarely Stop Things In Park City But You Can Postpone Them


We received an email from a person last night asking whether “we really thought that the Uinta Express Pipeline would be stopped” by low oil prices. The answer to that is no, but it does highlight a position we find ourselves taking more often. In Park City, we believe you can STOP very few things; however, you can POSTPONE them. A perfect example is the land that the Hyatt Hotel is...

Will the Tesoro Pipeline Through Utah Be Postponed?


Oil prices plunged another 4% today to $56 per barrel. Yesterday we read about how that is causing US shale oil to become unprofitable to produce. Today the BBC reported that the UK’s North Sea Oil industry is in a state of crisis. That’s leaves us wondering how lower prices will impact Tesoro’s proposed pipeline through Summit County. It appears waxy crude, the variety that is...

Is Park City’s New China Bridge Parking Plan Enforceable?


We heard this morning on KPCW that the city was going to use license plate readers to enforce parking limits of 6 hours at the China Bridge Parking Lot. It was claimed that this will prevent people from changing parking spots to avoid a ticket. Today they put white chalk marks on tires. Tomorrow they’ll scan your plate and track whether you’ve spent more than the allotted time in the...

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