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It’s strange Park City would hire someone for a top level position with an uncertain past


KPCW is reporting that Park City’s new Transit System’s Manager, Barbara Murdock, was let go from her last position for allegedly using company funds inappropriately. Ms. Murdoch has, in turn, sued her former employer (Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority) stating gender discrimination and they didn’t communicate reasons for her termination. What we don’t...

Q&A on Kilby Road Construction and Changes


Tonight, Summit County held a public meeting to answer questions about Kilby Road changes. This includes the strange curves that run from the Pinebook Fresh Market to Ecker Hill Middle School. About 15 people showed up to ask questions of Derrick Radke, Summit County Public Works Director. A few people were quite militant. We felt for Mr Radke as a few of the people berated him, the county, every...

Have questions or concerns about Kilby Rd Construction? Come to the meeting.


Some people have called it the Crazy 8’s. Others are wondering how snow will ever be plowed. Still other are concerned that winter driving will be a nightmare. What are we talking about? The new road construction along Kilby Rd (in front of Ecker Hill down to Fresh Market). We’ve heard a lot of grumbling about the changes via social media, but Summit County is giving people a chance...

Deer Valley had better be better than ever


Come gather ’round people Wherever you roam And admit that the waters Around you have grown And accept it that soon You’ll be drenched to the bone. If your time to you Is worth savin’ Then you better start swimmin’ Or you’ll sink like a stone For the times they are a-changin’. We are hopeful that Deer Valley will be the same as ever — GREAT. Yet, GREAT...

Damn the school tests


We’re gearing up for another school year. If the off season was any indicator, we’re headed for a doozey. The Park Record headline screams, “Under new school policy, high opt-out rates could sink Park City School District’s statewide grades.” The first paragraph goes even more dire: “The Park City School District in 2017 was given its first ‘F’ school grade from the state...

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