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Jeremy and Pinebrook roundabouts will be bad for bikes and kids


Summit County’s LetsGoSummit flyers and website are gorgeous. Soothing green and blue fonts explain how the new Jeremy Ranch and Pinebrook roundabouts will “improve mobility and safety and protect the environment while enhancing the economic vitality of Summit County.” There’s even a cute graphic at the top with a bus, a traffic signal, and a bicycle. So it’s...

The REAL issue with standards-based grading at Park City schools


Last week Park City School District (PCSD) put on the full-media-blitzkrieg regarding standards-based grading. They called it, “The Facts About Standards-Based Learning.” They wrote a letter to the Park Record on the subject. They published that letter on their website. They even texted every parent in the district with a link to that same letter. Here is a point-by-point paraphrasing of what...

Do you ever lose faith in the people of Park City?


Reading the Park Record Police Blotter this week, the top entry was about four calls to the Police department about potholes. What? Who would call the police about potholes? My god. Maybe they just weren’t getting the response they hoped for from Public Works. Maybe they personally brought this up to City Manager, Diane Foster, and got no response. Then the only recourse they felt they had was to...

An update on Standards-based Grading at Park City Schools


On Wednesday, the Park City School District School Board met and discussed Standards-based grading (SBG) with Traci Evans, Interim Associate Superintendent of Teaching and Learning. After watching the hour-long session, I have a much clearer understanding of where we are with the new method of learning being implemented at Ecker Hill, Treasure Mountain, and soon other schools. Your view of the...

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