An Overview of How Summit County is Doing Financially and What’s Coming up in 2016


While I know a lot of people don’t like to delve too deeply into numbers, Summit County’s annual budget process is a great time to better understand both how we are doing financially and what the government spending plans are for the next year. We as citizens care about our county’s finances because A) Most of us live in the county (as opposed to just in Park City proper) and B)...

Are You in Favor of the County’s 2015 Budget? And How Would You Know?


Earlier this week KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher asked Summit County Council person Claudia McMullin about the county’s first (of two) public meetings regarding Summit County’s 2015 budget. McMullin said there were only two public comments. One from someone who was concerned about future items that needed to be accounted for and one who thought the budget was just too high. McMullin...

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