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About Park Rag

Hi.  I’m Josh Mann. I founded Park Rag in 2013 as a citizens journalism effort focused on the greater Park City area. Before Park Rag we got our start filming Summit County Council meetings in 2012, putting those online, and trying to get the word out about what was happening in our little neck of the woods. We filmed nearly every Summit County Council meeting for almost two years but many of us involved had life changes during those two years that made it hard to continue.

Yet, our passion for community journalism hasn’t faltered.  We believe citizen journalism has a fundamental and important place in our community. Because all of us can become citizen journalists, it allows us to share more and different information without traditional filters being placed upon our speech.

We want to tell stories that may not be receiving coverage.  We want to provide commentary on events that impact Park City. We want to make sure our community is as informed as possible about the events unfolding around them.  What we won’t be is all rainbows and unicorns — something better suited to Pleasantville than Park City. One of our favorite quotes is by newspaper magnet William Randolph Hearst:

News is something somebody doesn’t want printed; all else is advertising.

-William Randolph Hearst

Therefore, you may not like or agree with everything you read here, but you probably wouldn’t respect us if you did.

Thanks for stopping by.


We believe in citizen journalism. We believe there are stories to tell that can help to shape our community for the better. We believe tomorrow's Park City can be better than today's.