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Chat With Us

Thanks to everyone who has submitted information that you believe should be known by our community. Our best ideas come from you.

We want to make sure we are available to listen as much as possible. We also understand that people often want privacy when they are sharing information. With that in mind, we have started using an encrypted chat service called CryptoCat. Before you laugh at the name, it is the same one used by Edward Snowden.

If you’d like to chat with us, go here. It will provide a variety of methods of installing the encrypted chat service. You can use it on your iphone, Mac, the web, etc. It is completely anonymous and you can even upload files. When it asks for the conversation name enter:


Use all lower case letters and no spaces in the conversation name. Then choose a name. Once in the chat room, you can generically chat with the room or you can click on a person’s name and chat with them directly.

As with most things Park Rag, we’re not sure how this will go but we thought we’d see if there was interest.

We hope to chat with you soon.


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