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Getting Help From Your Government

Many people have questions about how to ask questions or let people in government know what you are thinking. While that is a very broad topic, there are a few common places to ask questions or voice concerns. Those are Planning Commissions and Council Meetings. Both the city and county have these bodies. If your question is related to building, land use etc., then the Planning Commission is the place to go. If it’s more general, then the Council is a good place to go.

Finally, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that there is a difference between Park City and Summit County. Park City is actually very small. If you live on Old Ranch Road, in SunPeak, Pinebrook, Jeremy Ranch, Trailside, etc. you aren’t in Park City. The County Planning Commission or County Council is the right place.

For all these bodies, they have open mic (public comment) portions of their standard meetings. Generally you can comment about any topic during that portion of the meeting that doesn’t pertain to something on that day’s agenda. Meeting times and locations are below:

  • Summit County Council: Meets most Wednesday’s in either Coalville or the Richins Library Building in Kimball Junction. Open Mic is at around 6PM generally.
  • Snyderville Basin Planning Commission: Meets every other Tuesday at the Richins Library Building in Kimball Junction. Open Mic is at 6PM.
  • Park City City Council: Meets most Thursdays at City Council Chambers, 445 Marsac Avenue, Park City. Open mic is a little after 6PM.
  • Park City Planning Commission: Meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month in the City Hall Council Chambers located at 445 Marsac Avenue. Generally comment is taken a bit after 5:30PM.

If you can’t attend these meetings, you can always email these bodies using the addresses below:

Summit County Council

Park City City Council

Park City Planning Commission(general planning email)

Snyderville Basin Planning Commission (members below):

Member Name Term Ends Email
Colin DeFord – Chair 2016
Mike Franklin – Vice Chair 2017
Mike Barnes 2016
Canice Harte 2017
Chuck Klingenstein 2015
Greg Lawson 2017
Bea Peck 2016



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