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Are you a Park City teacher who has left (or is planning to leave)? Why did you make that decision?

We recently posted an article on teacher turnover. Using data provided by a local citizen, we looked at turnover rates of teachers in Park City. Rates seem high. We speculated on why teachers are leaving, but we’d rather hear directly from teachers.

If you are a teacher, assistant, or aide that has left Park City Schools (or is planning to leave) we’d love to learn why. Specifically we’d like to know:

  1. Have you left in the last 3 years (or was it earlier)?
  2. Why you left?
  3. Is there anything that would have made you stay?

You can post a comment below. You can email us. You can use our anonymous tip section.

Please keep comments civil. We aren’t looking for a witch hunt or libelous comments. We truly want to understand why teachers leave Park City — in order to better understand if there is a problem and what solutions are available.

As always, thanks for participating in the Park Rag!


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