ArchiveFebruary 6, 2019

Snowbasin is on Epic Pass Next Year


Good news. Your Epic Pass will provide access to Snowbasin next year. Maybe that will reduce pressure on PCMR/Canyons… but I doubt it. It likely adds some folks north of Salt Lake who will pack parking lots in Park City more than ever. It looks like 7 days at Snowbasin for Epic Pass holders and 2 days for Epic Locals. Then pass holders get 50% off after their days have been exhausted. The...

Google Maps update makes riding Park City buses much easier


Understanding which Park City bus to take can be confusing. For those who ride the same bus every day, it probably seems simple. However, for those of us taking different routes, once or twice a week, it can be hard. What do the bus colors mean? What is inbound versus outbound? How do I know when the next bus will come? What if I miss it? How will I get back from wherever I’m going...

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