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Park City School District Discrimination Documents

Earlier today we wrote about Park City School District discrimination against those with disabilities. We were just provided with permission to publish the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights (DOE OCR) Findings Document and the Resolution Agreement between DOE OCR and Park City School District where the Park City School District admits its culpability and defines steps it will take to rectify its transgressions.

If you are interested in the topic, I would recommend reading both. The PDF’s are here:

OCR Findings Letter

Resolution Agreement




I am generally on the side of the district on many of the recent (bond, realignment, etc) issues, but this is unconscionable and embarrassing. It is probably time for the superintendent to fire everyone involved, and potentially then resign herself (I don’t know what knowledge she had of this, but it seems like she should have been aware of it).

Civil rights violations. Not something I ever thought I would hear about PCSD. Time to clean house.

T1D Parent

I am so disappointed in the school district. I never thought it would ever engage in violating someone’s civil rights. Ever.

As a parent of a diabetic I know what goes into every day and night of my kid’s life. It’s a full time job sometimes – regulating and correcting the highs and lows and counting carbs and adjusting the insulin shot for exercise and adjusting the insulin shot for fat in meals and for the time of day. You carry your child’s pancreas with you all the time and are responsible for their life. Too much insulin can result in death. Too little insulin can result in long term complications such as blindness or loss of limbs.

It’s stressful and rewarding at the same time. And, it takes a skilled person to constantly monitor and execute.

And doesn’t my kid deserve to be in class, and have fun on field trips, and be just as “normal” as everyone else’s kid?


There will be more civil rights violations coming out soon.

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