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Another Reason to Start Schools Later… Safety

We were out driving this morning at about 6:30, when we came upon a group of cars waiting to drop their kids off on the bus. As the bus approached from down the hill, all the kids started getting out of the cars and running across the road. This was before the bus had arrived and put out its stop sign.

The issue is that at 6:30 it’s still very dark and it would be very easy for a car to not see a kid. We don’t know that there has ever been an accident, but it’s not hard to envision a child being run over. If that were to happen, there would be a lot of questions about kids hopping on buses at the crack of dawn’s ass in the dark.

There has been a recent push by Dr John Hanrahan to start our school’s later due to better learning. This may be an additional reason supporting a later start that should factor into the discussion.


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