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A better way to read the Park Record online

Recently the Park Record changed its online website format. They are now using the WordPress publishing system, which is used by used by many websites and blogs (including the Park Rag). Unfortunately, the new format they chose can be a little hard to read. There are ads interspersed everywhere, image galleries are at the top of pages that can be distracting, and it seems hard to find all the new stories.

Of course, opinions vary, so you may really like it. Fair enough. However, if share our same feelings, we think we’ve found the optimal way of reading the Park Record online.

Instead of going to, go here:

Instead of trying to navigate a confusing home page, you’ll see a simple list of stories.

Of course, we believe the absolute best way to read the Park Record is to subscribe to their E-Edition. It is only $48 a year and is fabulous on an iPad. That the way to both support the writers and to help ensure that our local paper stays with us for as long as possible. You also save trees from being cut down.

Doing web development for a living, I don’t disparage the Park Record for switching formats to WordPress. WordPress is free and it works… but it’s also sometimes really hard to keep the interface clean. In this case, the Park Record appears to have fallen into that trap. We hope this tip makes the online version a better experience for you.


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Thank you!
I was finding it VERY frustrating and just gave up. I will just use the “recent stories” sight from now on.
I will also miss the old format of discussions and comments. Apparently the PR didn’t like the anonymous comments so now you have do do it through Facebook with your name and not a “screen name”. Since this change, I haven’t seen many comments at all.

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