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Are your kids bullied in Park City Schools?

I remember walking down a hall in Junior High in the middle of Kansas. My friend Tim and I would walk the long hall, and way too often, someone would come up behind Tim and punch his books out of his hands. Papers would fly; books would scatter.


… would be shouted by the bully as he walked off — triumphant in whatever game he thought he was playing.

Thirty years on, I can still picture it in detail. It was terrible.

I wish bullying was some artifact relegated to my teenage years and a John Hughes movie, but it seems to be alive and well in Park City in 2023.

I’m hearing from parents that their kids are being bullied in Park City schools, and nothing is being done. Worse, I am hearing that school district officials have been notified and are not intervening. Instead, officials are offering platitudes.

If your child is experiencing this, they aren’t alone. There are asshole kids, asshole parents, and teachers and administrators who sometimes don’t do much about it.

I’ve met with parents who are organizing to stop this behavior in Park City schools. If you are having trouble and would like to be put in contact with parents who have children in similar circumstances, please reach out to me at . I will put you in contact with people who are having similar issues and want to make a change.

I know it’s not easy. However, together, we can make things better.




I do not blame you, teachers hands are tied. I have several friends who are teachers who will tell you half the time they are managing bad behavior when they want to be teaching. their principals do nothing as their hands are tied. Go straight to the top on that issue.


What parents do not realize is that they are more than likely teaching bullying behavior at home and expecting the school to fix it. We all know someone in this town that bullies, berates, insults, and pressures others into getting what they want, which is bullying and your children witness it everyday. It is time parents looked at their own behavior and start modeling something different if they expect the behaviors of students to improve. Stop looking at the school district or church to fix your problems and start parenting.

Care for Kids

Good luck. I’ve heard from teachers that bullying remains a serious problem here. When my kid was bullied in elementary school for days on end, the admin I reported it to was condescending and arrogant. He behaved as if it was no big deal. He did nothing about it. That level of condescension and unaccountability at the top keeps the bullies active. Even though it’s as simple as the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, black and white, the people in charge are determined to ignore these incidents. They do not address bullying and issue appropriate consequences for bad behavior that hurts kids and ruins their self-esteem. Once it’s gone, positive self-esteem is extremely difficult to build. Unfortunately, PCSD is rife with adult bullies, so, … again, good luck. Kudos for trying.


Park City School District pays former teacher $30,000 in settlements after alleged retaliation for reporting student harassing girls

This is why your kids get bullied the teachers hands are tied.


Here is the SLTrib article Anonymous is referencing:


$30,000 is out of our taxpayer dollars. — We pay too much in taxes to this school district because of terrible behavior. School district managers need to be trained to handle all bullying cases professionally. How has this gone unaddressed to date? RETALIATION AGAINST EMPLOYEES WHO TRY TO DO THE RIGHT THING IS NEVER EVER OKAY.


If my kid was being bullied I would lawyer up. When it starts costing parents money the behavior would stop


Relaliation is what employees fear the most.


$30K is a nuisance settlement.


Give me a break, the story is true staff will not discuss it as they do not want to be relatiated against. People need their jobs, not going to rock the boat


Let’s be honest: PCSD fosters a fear-based environment. Leadership does that. They set the tone all the way.

Parents should know.

When are you going to cover the “clean ups?”


Now that PCSD has entered into ANOTHER resolution with a federal agency…when does it stop? Is the only answer for parents or kids to take it to a federal level? And what about all the kids that may not talk to their parents or their parents are illegal and don’t want to make waves.


IF you haven’t read the Office of Civil Rights report, it’s disgusting. And Gildea continues to live in a nice home with a nice salary while tax payers continue to pay out settlements while these kids pay the ultimate price.
– multiple FEDERAL lawsuits
– resolution with summit county for failure to report sexual abuse
– NINE Office of Civil rights complaints. NINE.
PCSD Response to OCR Case:


What’s the real reason Belnap and McDoungel left her exec cabinet? On their terms? What did they know?

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