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We Couldn’t Agree More With This Weekend’s Park Record Edtorial

In Saturday’s Park Record, the Park Record Editorial Staff advocate forcing the Boyer Tech Park to keep it’s original mission: Bringing high paying tech jobs to Park City. It seems the development company behind the 1 million + square feet of allotted space in Kimball Junction want to relax the rules to allow other types of businesses be housed at “The Tech Park.”

If changes are allowed to the original agreement, it goes against what most Basin residents originally thought they were agreeing to when they put support behind diversifying our economy through more advanced jobs (and approving this development).

Would you allow BOSAC (Basin Open Space Advisory Committee) to buy lands with public money under the auspices of making them open space and then allow them to sell the land to a Dollar Store because it was convenient?No. In this case, the development was approved with a lot of density (i.e. a ton of space per square foot) because we the citizens wanted to diversify the community through high paying tech jobs.

We believe the community still wants this. We don’t need more restaurants and stores with minimum wage jobs, we need jobs that allow the middle class to live here and our children to come back. We hope our elected officials still agree with that.

Here is the link to the editorial, in case you haven’t read it.



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