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Don’t worry that the Clerk’s office is quarantined, your vote doesn’t matter anyhow

Welcome to the night before election day. I’m sure many of you are excited that tomorrow is the beginning of the end of Trump’s reign. Somewhere in that wish is a caution to be careful what you wish for, but tonight isn’t the time for that.

We’ve been notified that the Summit County Clerk’s office has been shut down due to quarantine and votes may not be counted until mid-November. So, tomorrow’s the Election-bowl of the century and the Clerk’s office (the people who count the votes) evidently didn’t take the precautions to ensure they could play the game.

The clerk’s office is shuttered until November 9 at the earliest. Your vote will be counted by Mid-November.

Are you upset and what’s your recourse?

The good news is that unless you are in School District #2, where school board president Andrew Caplan is defending his seat against Thomas Cooke, you really don’t have much to vote for — unless some random judge is your uncle.

The sad thing about Summit County is that in local elections no one except for Cooke is challenging the incumbent.

So, don’t let the incomprehensible, Covid-19 action from the Summit County Clerk’s office get you down. Whether your vote is counted this year or later, it won’t really matter. All the Summit County Council candidates running unopposed will get reelected. The Assessor, running unopposed, will get reelected. The Recorder, running unopposed, will get reelected. The Treasurer, running unopposed, will get reelected.

Then, when the Clerk runs in two years, you’ll vote for him again, because no one will run against the Democrat.

Our collective actions aren’t getting the best result for Park City or Summit County. We need to find a way to have options when voting. If not, why vote at all?




I’ve considered running as a republican just because it would be fun to see my name on the ballot.

I’m not sure my reputation could survive that, though. And if by some random miracle/other candidate dying I actually ended up as county recorder that would probably be bad for me and also for Summit County, since I’m not even sure exactly what that job entails.

Still… name on the ballot… so tempting…


Don’t forget that it would cost you 10% of the first-year salary to run. That piece sucks.

I would encourage you to run as a Democrat, though. If you run as a Democrat you can sleep through meetings and have no scrutiny because people don’t do the research and just vote against the state religion.

If you are a Dem, no one will run against you. It will be much easier.


Did you have to pay that for the write-in campaign? Crap, beer is on me next time we see each other. And maybe all the times after that.

Thanks for all you do Josh. Even if I mostly agree with what our Summit County politicians do, it sucks that there’s no real debate/competition.


All unopposed seats were held by Democrat candidates. Did these races fly under the radar because all the attention was on presidential race? I assure you, after this election we will not see anymore unopposed seats. County government is big deal. If we don’t step up to represent then we get what we get.

If Kent Jones goes unopposed in his next bid for re-election I will step up and personally oppose him. His lack of a contingency plan for conduction an election in the midst of a pandemic calls into question his ability to perform the duties of county clerk.

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