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An example of how to communicate about school threats

A reader sent the following Facebook post to us today. It appears that over the weekend a former student made the threat of a school shooting on the last day of school (June 1) at Hillcrest Junior High in Salt Lake. Sound familiar?

What did the Murray School District do about it? According to Gephardt Daily, the school district sent all parents a recorded call and email regarding the student threat that was brought to the school’s attention on Monday morning. The police were involved and they took the alleged perpetrator into custody. The school then reorganized activities for the last day of school. All students will enter through the same door and no purses, backpacks, or bags will be allowed at school that day. All doors will be monitored by law enforcement and school personnel. Yearbooks, traditionally handed out on the last day of school, will be handed out before. School counselors are available to meet with any student who would like to visit with them regarding school safety.Security cameras will al be constntly monitored. Police will step up their presence throughout the end of the school year.

What does that sound like to me? A School District that has its sh*t act together. No apologies. No having to have 30 hours of meetings with the public explaining how they screwed up. No having to promise that they will get their communication plan in place “soon.”

Is every parent happy with how this was handled? Probably not. Are most? Probably. Does this ensure that no violence will happen at Hillcrest Junior High? Of course not. But Does it give people comfort that their schools know what they are doing and taking every precaution? Yes.

It’s definitely appears like an example of the right way to handle this difficult subject.

Here is the facebook post from the Murray School District:


h/t to the person who sent this to us. We really appreciate it!


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