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FEMA to Deny Funds to States Whose Governors Deny Climate Change

We hope Utah isn’t counting on any disaster preparedness aid from FEMA. It appears the government agency is going to begin denying preparedness funds to states that have governors who deny the existence of global warming. According to Think Progress, Utah’s Governor Herbert fits into that category squarely.

Funds like these typically trickle down into local agencies for use in all sorts of ways. In the last 5 years, FEMA has given $1 billion to states to help get them ready for a natural disaster. We have to think Utah has received substantial funds for potential flooding, fires, and earthquakes over the past few years. It will be interesting to see whether the governor is willing to back down from his position, especially if this summer brings a high number of forest fires.

FEMA is set to start making this change in 2016.


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Oh, boy where to start. Man made global warming, er, global warming, er, climate change, er, Big Money, might be a better term for the religion of climate change. It is after all, just about money, not science. Now that the science does not hold up in support of Man made global warming, the alarmists now use the tactic of concensus to replace science. And if you are not part of the concensus, we are going to take your money away. Has me believing already! What a crock! We do not have enough CO2 in the environment to support optimal plant growth, but we sure have lined the pockets of scientists and uncle Al Gore to the tune of billions of dollars. Money, money, money has replaced Science!

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