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More Information on Opting Out of SAGE Testing

We received the following information from an anonymous citizen regarding the Sage tests:

As a follow up to your article regarding SAGE testing,

Parents DO have the right to opt-out their children of SAGE.

The Utah State Office of Education issued a statement on September 23, 2014 to clarify that parents do have the right to opt-out their children of SAGE or other state-wide testing. Some key excerpts from the statement are as follows:

After consultation with Chris Lacombe, Assistant Attorney General, it has been determined that under Utah state code law sections 53A-15-1501 through 53A-15-1503 applies to state administered tests. There is no legal definition of “state administered test”, therefore, a plain meaning interpretation of this term must be used. The SAGE Summative and Interim tests are state administered tests as well as the ACT, ASAVB and NAEP tests. Thus, parents have the right to opt their children out of these tests.

When a student over 18 years old, or parent or guardian opts-out of a state administered test, no academic penalty shall result for the student.

Any student who is in school and not participating in testing should be engaged in a meaningful educational activity. Students not participating in any testing should not be singled out in any negative way nor should the student or the class be administratively punished in any way because a student opts out of testing.

As per action taken by the Utah State Board of Education on April 4, 2014, a student who opts- out of testing will not receive a proficiency score, and for State purposes will not be counted against participation rates.

As opposition to high stakes tests gains momentum, opt-out forms are easily accessible on-line. Specific SAGE test opt-out forms can be found on the website under the “action” tab.

Note: First, thanks to the anonymous writer who submitted this information. Now here is the legal mumbo-jumbo… the opinions expressed are that of the writer. Park Rag does not necessarily endorse or confirm the validity of any statement. You should do your research to confirm statements made.


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