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Jeremy Ranch Golf Course Workers Chase Elk on to I-80

According to an eyewitness report from a Jeremy Ranch resident, who was taking a picture of elk on the golf course, Jeremy Ranch golf course workers chased elk off the course and onto I-80 on October 30th. The report says “the next three [golf] carts went flying across the course whooping and screaming after the elk forcing them to flee over the fence, over the frontage road and onto I-80. Traffic westbound screeching to a halt.” The report continued, “Thankfully the elk had enough sense to turn around but the workers were right up against the fence taking pictures with their cell phones.”

A representative of the golf course replied, “As a golf course and owner of a large area of open space in this community, we are very aware of the wildlife on the golf course and want to be good stewards. We have been given permission from the Division of Wildlife to herd the moose and elk back into the hills to keep them away from I-80. Obviously, some additional training is needed.”

We applaud the golf course for responding quickly and for noting that additional training is needed. Too often people shun responsibility. Not in this case, it appears.

However, it is becoming apparent that interactions between human and wildlife are only increasing. This consideration needs to filter not only through local governments but to companies and individuals. Rules at every level are likely needed to keep both people and wildlife safe.



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