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Live Blogging Tonight’s Public Meeting on The School Rebuilding Project

Tonight the School District is holding their final public meeting on rebuilding the Kearns campus and moving Treasure Mountain Junior High next to Ecker Hill Middle School. If you want to attend, the meeting is at 6PM at the High School. If you can’t make it, I’ll be live blogging the show meeting.

Word has it that the Master Planning Committee members, who have an interest in the sports side of things, are trying to ensure the “Athletic Parents” come to the meeting and voice their opinions. There has been a push during recent Master Planning Committee meetings to limit adding some new athletic facilities (like an indoor field house and rebuilding Dozier field). During previous meetings, major pushback has come from residents around the school who are concerned with the impact of the proposed athletic facilities. So, it appears some committee members are trying to level the conversation.

I personally think having athlete’s parent show up is a good thing. Everyone should have a chance to share their opinion.

Yet, it also dovetails into something that the school district’s planning company (VCBO) said during the last meeting… sports sells [school] bonds, not education.

I guess tonight we’ll see if there are different people who are buying what the school district is selling.


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