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More On the Park City Survey (not the PARK CITY SURVEY) … but the Park City® Survey

As you probably know, I think Park City Sucks… or rather the name Park City sucks (for Vail to use for their resort). A while back I wrote about a survey I received after my wife skied at Park City. I noted that a survey of “how my day was at Park City” just added to the confusion over the name “PARK CITY”

Yesterday, I received the survey again and decided to actually delve into it a bit more. Here are the first three questions from the survey:

  1. How likely are you to recommend Park City to a friend, colleague, or family member?
  2. How likely are you to return to Park City next season?
  3. Please rate your satisfaction with the following at Park City:
    • Ease of parking
    • Bus Transportation
    • Ease of navigating through the village

You’d never know whether the survey was talking about the resort or the city. To be fair, the next questions do say “resort” in them. Nevertheless, it is another example of things only becoming more confusing when a ski resort and city, that are completely unaffiliated, are named the same thing.

On a positive note, perhaps Park City, the ski resort, and Park City, the city, can join forces on the next iteration of Park City’s National Citizen Survey. It appears they are looking for a lot of the same information.



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