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Park City bus ridership has not returned to pre-covid levels yet

One of the signs that Park City “is back” will be bus ridership. We aren’t there yet and are barely above the complete-COVID days of April. For the last 30 days, we are averaging about 1.8 people on each bus. Around 8 AM and 5 PM we may get up to 5-6 people per bus, which makes sense with people going to and from work.

However, keep in mind, we need about 9 people per diesel bus to make it more environmentally friendly than driving a car.

At some point, we may need to discuss options other than large buses. Should we be running those yellow vans that run around Kimball instead of the large buses until ski season (if it happens)?

As of now, people either don’t want to ride the buses or don’t need to. We’ll keep you updated on this as changes happen.

Average number of bus riders per hour, per bus on each day

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