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Proposed Park City School District 2018-2021 Calendars

We received a tip from a community member about PCSD School Calendars being discussed at Tuesday’s Board meeting (2/7/2017). If you haven’t seen them, you may want to take a look. School starts and ends a bit earlier, it appears.

If you have concerns, you can let your school board member know.

Click on the image for a bigger view:

Note: Thanks to the reader who sent this in






Bluntly, I think it’s #6 – with a twist. The board has decided that the public won’t vote for *anything* until there’s a huge crisis, because they’re too stupid to think long term (I base this on my experience with the bond focus group that I was invited to participate in… it was pretty depressing).

So if you’re going to have to wait for a crisis, triage principle says keep the elementary school kids away from it. By high school, kids are either doing well or not, so they’re on their own. Crowd ’em in and let people complain until they’ll put up some money to fix it. In the meantime the kids that need the best attention/facilities will still get them.

I honestly don’t think anyone can pass a bond here anymore. Social media and rumormongering (fake news?) have made it so easy to undermine almost any proposal that the problem has to be staring people in the face before they’ll do anything about it. C’est la vie, this is the great problem of our age, I think.

David Clark

What about the pledge of allegiance every day said by every student, STANDING?


Yeah, and make sure those beds are made so tight a quarter’ll bounce on ’em! Hot damn!

Seriously, WTF? Was this comment (like mine) on the wrong article?


What is the rush to get out of school in May? It is still snowing here.. Not clear as to the rationale of this.


Your taking away the summer. Starting school Aug 16 is ridiculous! Most families leave UT in Aug. Start after Labor Day and go through end of June.

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