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The newest issue with Kilby Road

Just when you thought it was safe to back in the water… new Kilby Road issues have surfaced.

Since its inception, Kilby Road has been a problem. Kilby Road is the road that runs from Fresh Market, at the base of Pinebrook, to Walmart. The curves that were created to slow traffic cause traffic to go into the bike lane. That’s dangerous, and make people car sick, but it’s not a problem in winter because people just drive through the bike lane and thank god there are no bikes.

However, a new issue has arisen. On Friday I was driving on Kilby headed west back towards Fresh Market and a car was in my lane and headed right at me. I stopped when I saw the car headed at me — and I assume my honking and flashing of lights caused the car to stop and back up.

While this was the first time I have been involved in an incident, I have seen two other cars turn right out of Fresh Market and go onto the wrong side of the divided road. This used to not be a problem, as there was just lines on the road and people would not get confused.

Now, for whatever reason, people are going down the wrong lane and they can’t get back to the correct side. I’m not sure why people are choosing the wrong side of the median. It makes sense to me but I have done it a million times.

Like they say, one time is an accident, two times is coincidence, and the third time is meaningful. I personally have seen this happen three times. I’m not sure what would help (perhaps, a DO NOT ENTER sign, but that has to be done right or it will confuse the people who are turning correctly.

Regardless, Summit County needs to get this figured out before something bad happens.




I was driving down Kilby road this fall in the lane headed towards Kimball Junction, there was another car in front of me. As we passed the entrance to Quarry Village on the right, we approached a median, I watched as they moved from the right lane (the correct lane to be driving in) and switch over to the left lane before the median. I was aghast! And praying that a car didn’t come up in the left lane. Fortunately, it was clear and the driver moved back over to the right lane after the end of that median. I believe the sign indicating the traffic flow at the median was confusing.

Steve Joyce

Are these drivers from the UK? In what part of the US do you see a median dividing traffic and decide to drive over on the left side? Just trying to figure out how this is a road issue.

God only knows what these same people will do with two complex traffic circles being built at the Jeremy intersection.


I hear you Steve. I have never been confused by the keep right sign. However, the person who was headed at us was in a Range Rover with Utah plates. So, I don’t think it’s the British influence causing issues.

Perhaps it is the nature of the turn. On a good day, it is hard to see traffic coming from the east. Maybe people panic and turn wide? More likely they are on their phones and the angle of turn just makes it easy to go into the other lane.

Regardless, it’s something the county should at least take a look at. Like I mentioned in the article, if I saw it once or twice I’d chalk it up to a random happening, but three times tells me something is up.


Steve – Well – you DO need to go left of the median at the other end of Kilby or you end up in the Walmart parking lot… I was VERY surprised by that the first time I drove it.

I think the main problem with the Quarry Village eastbound exit is that the Kilby Road work ended right there, in preparation of the new traffic circle this year. So the alignment is a little wonky. And the sign on the median is not as obvious as it could be for those turning..

What really had me scared a few weeks ago was when a car took a left onto the eastbound I80 off-ramp and headed west. A bunch of us were honking and there was no major accident, so I guess he got the message. This will be pretty hard to do after the traffic circles are finished.

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