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Utah County Tells Mountain Accord to Hit the Brakes

Provo’s Herald newspaper is reporting that Utah County has told the Mountain Accord to back off on plans to incorporate American Fork Canyon into the Mountain Accord process. It appears that Mountain Accord officials planned on incorporating American Fork Canyon into the project but that they hadn’t fully consulted Utah County, its cities, and other stakeholders.

The article says:

“I think all three [Utah] county commissioners are in agreement that Mountain Accord overstepped,” [Utah County Commissioner Bill ]Lee said. When Lee first heard about Mountain Accord’s plans for American Fork Canyon, he was puzzled. “I was shocked on a couple of little levels,” he said. “First of all, they were talking about land in Utah County.” He asked himself, “Where is our representation in Mountain Accord?”

That sounds about par for the course, with the way the Mountain Accord has operated so far. It also highlights why we in Summit County need to have constant vigilance on the Mountain Accord and why it is so important that community members have taken an active role in the process.

I had heard the Mountain Accord had considered making a grand loop with transportation through American Fork. I guess I has assumed that they would have consulted with officials there first. It looks like that was a bad assumption.






Can I blame breaks/brakes on auto correct ;-). Thanks!

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