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Video of Park City School Board Meeting on 11/16/21 Open Comment on PPES situation

On Tuesday, the Park City Schol Board met and a number of parents attended to speak about the lack of enforcement of the Parley’s Park mask mandate. A few supporters of the school board spoke as well.

For some reason, the Park City School District no longer records videos of meetings. However, we were able to capture most of it.

I apologize for the quality. I arrived late, there was no place for a tripod, and I didn’t have the sound configured correctly until halfway through. So the video isn’t great. However, if you are interested, you definitely see a lot.

Pictures say a thousand words. I wish the school district would record the video portion of all meetings.


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Why is the guy not wearing a mask? He’s the one who said they were in compliance the whole time at Parleys Park. The health department disagreed with what he said but he said it without even wearing a mask himself which is really a slap in the face to all the parents who showed up in masks. That makes the parents who spoke out against what the district did the first week of the mask mandate 100% right and this board member 100% wrong. Parents were right to be upset. There are codes and laws in place for a reason. I hope these people are held accountable and not just given a slap on the wrist. They know better and did what they did anyway, then this member lied about it right to everyones faces. Real harm and real foul.

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