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When you walk up Park Avenue What Do You Think?

On Thursday, the Park City City Council is going to discuss whether to provide Park City historic homes with up to $25,000 in matching grants for renovations. This got us to thinking about those historical homes. Here is an example of what we think of when we think of those homes:


Yes they are historic. Yet, they aren’t very different from the run-down row homes you may see in Maryland, Chicago, or New Jersey. Are they worth updating? Does run-down fit the image Park City wants? Will fixing some siding help?

What may seem quaint to one person may seem third world to another.

If you had a choice, would you use your tax dollars to fix up some of the hundreds of run down houses in Park City or would you allow something “better” to be built”?


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Is Theme Park City not looking quaint enough? Simply lift all forms of (Central) Planning and let individuals define their property’s own quaintness. That’s freedom; everything else is a bureaucrat’s illusion. Seems like tax rates should drop across the board if the City has that much to waste on further encapsulation of the absurd (mountain) architecture of the Victorian Era.

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