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Where Should We Start With our Mountain Accord Analysis?

Where do we start with the Mountain Accord? What better place to start than with a quote from one of Robert Redford’s best films, All the President’s Men:


And that is precisely where we will start. The latest budget we could find lays out that Mountain Accord will receive over $27 million by 2017 from it’s “partners.” Those partners include localities like Park City, the State of Utah, and a little private funding. This money will be used for program management, travel, planning consultants, PR, etc. It won’t actually build anything but will lay the foundation.

So, how much are people kicking in? Park City is scheduled to give $400,000 to Mountain Accord. Summit County is slated for $200,000. Salt Lake City is at $800,000. State of Utah (via UDTO and UTA) is at $22,000,000. HMMM. Now that’s money.

What does $22 million buy that $400 thousand doesn’t? We guess we’ll see. Who’s agenda is served first? We guess we’ll see that too.



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