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As you’re planning renovations to your Park City home, consider this…

Bloomberg has an interesting article on the trends in luxury homes. Specifically:

  • Master bedrooms aren’t what they used to be
  • Home theaters are losing their appeal in favor of VR
  • Garages space will be reduced by 25% in the next 30 years
  • Your huge kitchen is no longer necessary

We’re not sure if we agree with these all… but in Park City… you don’t have to be right… you just have to match the trend.





I like the “rendering of the smaller, new style of master bedroom at One Park Grove.” – which appears to be approximately 800 square feet…

How big were the old style master bedrooms?

Pretty silly article, overall. But fun to see those trend predictions, in the meantime I still like to cook food in my kitchen…


We have been thinking about shrinking our master bedroom to make a bigger master bath. I was worried about resale. Maybe a bigger bath is better.


Just leave lots of towels around for changing your pants. Instant resale value.


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